Provincial Human Rights Training in Zaire

On March 4 and 5, 2020, a training course on human rights took place at the Provincial Human Rights Committee in Mbanza Congo, Zaire province. The training was conducted by the National Directorate for Human Rights of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in partnership with The Governance Group and the Norwegian Embassy, ​​within the scope of the "Angola Human Rights Training" project. The training topics included: National Human Rights Strategy (Luísa Buta); Introduction to Human Rights (Joana Gumbe); Provincial Human Rights Committees and their Expansion to Municipalities and Communes (Luísa Buta); Human Trafficking (Márcia Mendes); International Human Rights Promotion and Protection Mechanisms (Lucília Monteiro); International and Regional Treaties Ratified by Angola (Joana Gumbe); Main Challenges and Concerns at the Local Level (João Belo, Provincial Delegate of Justice). A total of 36 participants attended the training, 28 men and 8 women, including members of the Provincial Human Rights Committee, made up of representatives of public institutions at the provincial level and civil society, in addition to representatives of the National Police, Border Patrol, Criminal Investigation Service and prison officers.