Theologising the mundane, politicising the divine: The cross-currents of law, religion and politics in Nigeria

Law, religion and human rights in Africa: Introduction

Religion, law and human rights in post-conflict Liberia

Law, religion and human rights in Botswana

Law, religion and human rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Religion, law and human rights in Zimbabwe

Law, religion and human rights in Zambia: The past, present and the practice

Law, religion and human rights in Nigeria

Foreword: Law and religion in Africa – Comparative practices, experiences and prospects

Law and religion in Africa: Living expression and channels of co-operation

Exploring the contours of African sexualities: Religion, law and power

Prosecuting the perpetrators of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda: Its basis in international law and the implications for the protection of human rights in Africa

The direct application of the Constitution by ordinary courts and the concept of Shari’a as a source of legislation: A review of the Sudanese Supreme Court’s decision in Sudan Government v ASK

Interpretation and international law in South African courts: The Supreme Court of Appeal and the Al Bashir saga

Mudsuru & Another v The Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs & 2 Others: A Review

A family home, five sisters and the rule of ultimogeniture: Comparing notes on judicial approaches to customary law in South Africa and Botswana

Reform of the customary law of inheritance in Nigeria: Lessons from South Africa

The 2010 Kenyan Constitution and the hierarchical place of international law in the Kenyan domestic legal system: A comparative perspective

Making sense of the Rwandan Law Relating to Serving Life Imprisonment with Special Provisions

Public declaration of assets in Nigeria: Conflict or synergy between law and morality?