African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights

OHCHR: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

UN website containing links to different resources on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Available in English only.

OHCHR Publications

Database of UN Publications on human rights including fact sheets, reference materials, training and education materials, and policy materials. Site is in English, however the majority of publications are available for download in both English and Spanish.

Commissioner for Human Rights

Main website of the European Union Human Rights Commissioner. Contains reports on human rights issues in Europe including country monitoring and recommendations. Site is available in English or French.

UN Portal on Human Rights Based Approaches to Programming

UN Portal containing information on human rights as well as human rights mainstreaming. Contains practical resources on how to mainstream human rights in programming as well as general resources and information on human rights at the international, regional and country level, as well as by topic. Site available in multiple languages including Portuguese.

OAU/AU Treaties, Conventions, Protocols & Charters

Database of African Union treaties, conventions, protocols and charters and status by country. Available in English or French.

Gabinete de Documentação e Direito Comparado

Useful source in Portuguese from the Attorney General of the Republic of Portugal.

African Human Rights Law Reports

Various publications on human rights issues in Africa from 2000-2011.

Factsheets: African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights

Women’s Human Rights

A fact sheet from Amnesty International.


Lists of legal instruments, case law, and country specific information.

Basic Documents in the Inter-American System

Organization of American States (OAS): Documents

European Union and Human Rights

European Court of Human Rights Fact Sheets: (Case Law)

European Court of Human Rights: Publications

Commissioner for Human Rights: Publications

Complete List of the Council of Europe’s Treaties

Council of Europe and Human Rights

African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights