Angola improves its position in the US Department of State’s Human Trafficking ranking

The Republic of Angola notes notable advances in the fight against Human Trafficking, according to the US State Department Report. The Report is prepared annually and highlights actions such as the preparation and approval of the National Action Plan to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings (Presidential Decree No. 31/20, 14 August), the National Human Rights Strategy, improvements in the follow-up of cases and in assisting victims, and carrying out awareness and training actions. Angola went from Level 2W of observation to Level 2. The evaluation has four levels, being: Level 1, fully met; Level 2, countries that partially meet the standards; Level 2W countries under observation; and Level 3, countries that do not fully meet the minimum standards and are not making significant efforts. Angola has returned to Level 2, where it had been in 2015-2017. Angola, in addition to the approval of the National Action Plan, has also recently approved several legal instruments for investigation and prosecution of perpetrators, protection of victims and witnesses. The Interministerial Commission to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings has a database of 100 cases (2015-2020), and has joined the SADC database and the international Blue Heart campaign. In terms of prevention, in 2019 it carried out actions that covered more than a thousand participants from various provinces.