Presentation of paper on business and sustainability in Angola

Last week, Isabel Mota Borges, TGG’s Research Director, and João Antonio Francisco from the Angolan Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, presented a paper on the role of State regulation and businesses towards sustainable development in Angola at the University of Oslo’s conference on “Social justice, business and the pursuit of sustainability”.

The full paper can be accessed here.

By Hannah Hills

Focus on international human rights law with emphasis on refugee and asylum law, business and human rights, sustainability and the SDGs.

One reply on “Presentation of paper on business and sustainability in Angola”

It’s very important to share ideas with academic community and when the topic is on top of the international discuss, to present out contribution is useful. Hence, sustainability is a value and a principle in the human rights approach. Angola have assumed the compromise to implement the human Rights inside of the public policy. The publics’ institutions, privates and civil society have the responsibility to implement the Human Rights.

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